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  1. Larry Heilmann
    September 11, 2012 • 12:54 pm

    This symposium is one of the finest such programs I have ever attended. Clay Jenkinson has created something here that puts North Dakota on the national map. However I will not be attending this year and I’m sure many others will also not be attending because it has become almost impossible to find lodging in Dickinson at any price. The symposium has reserved some rooms at a good motel but the discount advance registration convention rate is still near $200/night, triple what it was just two years ago. There is no other choice. I hope something can be worked out for the future or a lot of ordinary citizens like me will simply be priced out of attendance.

  2. badlands
    September 15, 2012 • 8:40 am

    Sick of hearing about Roosevelt’s connection to North Dakota. Jenkinson would have you believe Teddy was a lifelong ND resident. Roosevelt wasn’t even in North Dakota for an entire year when you add the months together. 33% of that time, he was a laughing stock, dressed in a costume he bought in New York that cost approx a years wages (for a cowboy.) Four eyes is not the only nickname they had for him. Western North Dakota needs to quit clinging to and exaggerating his pathetic relationship to the state. The only thing legendary about it, is the distortion of truth.

    (Speaking of distortions, the GPE should branch out to cover real news stories once again, instead of human interest stories. The established news sources are once again lying/distorting the truth so badly, even Pinocchio would be ashamed. Who knew that as the economy gets better in ND, the tales get taller. The latest satire masquerading as news is a story that claims the cost of living is only up 4% in the oil patch. What unmitigated bull—- that is!)

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