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  1. knucklehead
    September 19, 2012 • 7:48 pm

    Your local medical facilities typically have a monopoly, and are able to set prices as high as they feel like it. Yet, somehow even when business is booming they can’t make ends meet.

    The idea that they are pricing themselves out of their own monopolized marketplace is never even considered. It always those peon customers that can’t afford to pay $200 for an aspirin, or $9,999.99 for a few X-rays and a splint that are the problem.

    When the medical field uses the well known social construct that their diagnosis should just be accepted without question, they might want to come up with something PLAUSIBLE when talking about the business end of things.

  2. Healthcare Update — 09-24-2012 | WhiteCoat's Call Room
    September 24, 2012 • 10:58 am

    [...] for payment … and then government doesn’t reimburse hospitals when the patients don’t pay? Medical resources are strained. One hospital in North Dakota has seen its bad debt more than double to $900,000 in two years after [...]

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